Tenant Services Portal

Our user-friendly tenant portal makes it easy to view updates, pay rent, and get maintenance items repaired quickly!

Pay Rent

Simplify your rent payment process with our online payment system.

Notice &

Stay informed and up to date with important notices and information through our Notice & Information section.

Maintenance Requests

Effortlessly submit maintenance requests through our portal.


Send messages, ask questions, and discuss any rental-related matters conveniently on our Communication section

Paying Rent

We make it easy for you to pay rent fast! Sign in to your tenant portal and pay via echeck in minutes.  Rent is typically due the 1st of every month, but check your lease agreement for full details.


Please submit all maintenance requests via your tenant portal. If an emergency call the office at 931-278-9767.  If you have questions about your responsibilities please shoot us a message via the portal or refer to your lease agreement. 

Insurance & Paperwork

All tenants are required to provide proof of rental insurance for the entirety of their lease. This information should be provided upon occupancy and can be updated via your tenant portal.

Benefits of Renting with Connerth & Co.


Renting offers you the advantage of flexibility, allowing you to easily adapt to changing circumstances or personal preferences without the long-term commitment of homeownership.

Maintenance & Repairs

By renting with Connerth And Co, you can enjoy the convenience of having maintenance and repair responsibilities handled by the landlord or property management, saving you time, effort, and costly expenses.

Less Budget More Outcome

Renting typically requires a lower upfront financial commitment, property taxes, and homeowner's insurance. We make it a more affordable option for you and bring you peace of mind.