Property Management Services

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Property Evaluation

We conduct a thorough analysis of the rental market. Our team evaluates factors such as location, demand, and comparable properties to set the right rental price that ensures maximum returns.
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Property Inspection

Ensuring that your property is well-maintained is essential for attracting reliable tenants and preserving its value. Our dedicated team conducts regular property inspections, identifying any potential issues or maintenance needs.
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Marketing Compaign

With our strategic marketing campaigns, we aim to attract quality tenants for your property. Our team employs a multi-faceted approach, utilizing both online and offline channels to reach a wide audience.
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Screening of Tenants

Finding reliable and responsible tenants is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free rental experience. At Connerth & Co. Property Management, we conduct thorough tenant screenings to ensure that we place the right individuals on your property.
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Monthly Statements

We understand the importance of transparent financial reporting. Our detailed statements provide a comprehensive overview of income and expenses, including rental income, maintenance costs, and any other relevant transactions.
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Direct Rent Deposit

To streamline the rental payment process, we offer direct rent deposit services. Tenants can conveniently make their monthly rent payments through various online platforms, ensuring prompt and hassle-free transactions.